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Brides Beware

We all love a bargain and we all shop online, but many dreams have turned into a nightmare by buying a Bridal Gown online.

Photographs of stunning bridal wear are often stolen from genuine designers and then used on websites to advertise and sell at unbelievable prices.

"Many an unwary bride has fallen into the trap of thinking she is purchasing the designer gown of her dreams only to receive a counterfeit copy made from cheap fabric and trims which is also ill fitting and sent in the incorrect size."

Most seamstresses will not alter these Gowns as the quality and construction is so poor. Most sellers are based in China and DO NOT have a refund policy and those that do are likely to get out of refunding your money with excuses like "It is soiled as you have tried it on"!!

Internet sites will not show customs taxes and shipping charges alot of the time, which can exceed £200 and is payable on delivery. Brides are left with Gowns they can not wear and are also out of pocket.

"If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!"